The objective of ISR lessons is to teach aquatic safety and self-rescue skills to infants and young children at developmentally appropriate times for each individual child. ISR will always have the safety and well being of your baby as our first and foremost priority.

Any chronic condition or situation that would interfere with that schedule needs to be considered before enrolling your baby in ISR lessons. ISR lessons cannot be considered any form of therapy or intervention for delays in sensorimotor skills, assisting development or modification of a neurological, cardio-vascular or other medical condition.

The information you submit during our registration process is evaluated from a standard by a Pediatric Intensive Care nurse, the most experienced Senior Master Instructor in the Infant Swimming Resource program and a Pediatrician who participated in the Infant Swimming Resource Instructor training program and has first-hand knowledge of what Infant Swimming Resource lessons involve.

We expend considerable resources for some of the more complex evaluations we are required to make to determine if the child is developmentally ready to benefit from the Infant Swimming Resource program at this time.

Thank you,

The members of the Infant Swimming Resource Registration Evaluation Team.

Infant Swimming Resource reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason other than those prohibited by law.